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How to look expensive on a budget

We get it fashion can be hard if you have no idea where to start. It's great that there are no rules for anything anymore, but that can also be intimidating if you don't know where to start. Then if you're on a budget too, that can be even more challenging. Here are some quick tips for how to dress-to-impress with a discount!

Black and neutrals are always a great base to start with, and let's face it, we all have them in our closet anyway. Start with a monochromatic base like black, coffee, cream or mocha. Then pick a statement piece of jewelry, shoes, a nice bag and let that do the talking for you. There's a reason Chanel has classic black silhouettes with pearls as an accent, it's a classic look and easy to dress up a little-black-dress or even outfit. Shop 'Til You Drop always has a variety of statement pieces be it woven bags, long jeweled necklaces, belts and more to elevate your look.

Another tip is to still with the monochromatic idea, but don't be afraid of some color! Go with a solid navy outfit, rust or the ever popular mustard. Sticking with the same color on top and bottom helps to streamline and let your one accessory or idea do the talking. You can always do more with color as your base, purples, reds, and greens can work wonders too even if you don't match exactly but are in the same family it will always give you a classic look.

Our next tip, is to splurge on a structured coat. Especially this time of year, we are always getting bundled up and do most of our walking around in our outerwear. So take the time and make sure your jacket matches with some great details. We have some great coats, shawls and jackets with great detail that aren't your standard camel or black. Wearing a piece of art goes a long way, and you will look like you spent that much more thinking about how you look before you walked out the door!

Our final tip, is to pay attention to your shoes, which can always make or break your outfit. At Shop 'Til You Drop we always have a great variety of shoes that speak for themselves, but are still comfortable. Everyone will take notice when you have on a stunning pair of shoes.

We hope this helps take your wardrobe to the next level, and if you feel great about what you are wearing you will carry your head a little higher and walk a little sassier too. And that never hurts a beautiful outfit either! We are always happy to help if you aren't sure where to start, come on in and ask!

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